EMEREI ISN'T SHE LOVELY  (b. 03.10.2003)

INTERCHAMPION, Ch RUS, National Poodles Club Ch, Grand Ch, Ch UKR, BLR, LTU, EST, multi BOB,

BIG and BIS winner at the INT Show "Dnepr 2005" (UKR)


Well, Elly is not to make her ancestors shamed. She was lucky to find her owner. Irina is showing Elly non-stop and they have wonderful tandem. Elly can speak. Really! When Irina says to Elly "Say bye to your mum!" (i.e. me). Elly (another name is Tsutsa) looks at me and says "Bow!" "Say to your mum that we will come" - "Bow!" When I say that she is not apoodle, but a monkey, Irina says "Tell mum that she should not say like that!" "Bow-wow!" (with upset voice). I think that she was born for agility. Maybe they will try it sometime later together, and I think they will be the leaders... And now she is the lighter in the show-rings and receiving excellent opinions from experts and poodle-fans in Russia and abroad!
In 2005 Elly had a really outstanding show results. She visited 15 shows, there she was 13 times Class Winner (CW), got 10 CAC's, 8 times became Best of Breed, she was twice placed BIG-1, once BIG-4, and collected all the BIS placements (BIS-1, BIS-2, BIS-3).
And in 2006 she became mother of litter "A.." and continued showing.

Gallery of Elly (Tsutsa)










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