Her name is Fenia. And that is all she is about. This dog is full of tricks. He got most of in-house nonformal names. She is Niukha (Sniffy), Khriukha (Gruntie), Fiokla (Russian name), Reddy etc. That was an adventure from the very beginning. I needed Torpaz lines and brown colour and Idecided... Honestly speaking when I was receiving her in Sheremetievo airport I asked myself "Why am I doing this?" But I never felt sorry that she came to us. She is all laugh and emotions. It happened that she likes... to clean the teeth! Naturally, with the toothbrush! Have you seen that? Her best friend was chosen immediately - that is Kompis, and to watch them together - you don't need any tv shows anymore! Well, our brown funny clown I hope also is happy to live with us. And finally we have everything in our kennel to start working with brown colour in standards.

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