EMEREI IN THE RAY OF LIGHT  (b. 03.10.2003)

Ch RUS, National Poodle Club Ch, Grand Ch, Ch LTU, multi BOB, BIG, BIS-2, JBIS


Ray wants to be always and everywhere in time. And at the same time constantly reminds me how he loves me. Selflessly, boundlessly (mum, got any tasties?), and behaves as a spoilt sonny. As this happens, Vuda sometimes has a reason to teach the niece how to behave. We mostly walk on the back legs. This makes easier to communicate with mum. Ray loves shows, feels at shows that he is the centre of the universe. And the results are not bad. He started with double BOB and JBIS-3 at Malakhovka show , became JBIS at Speciality, at Arta 2004 won Pepper, in 2005 visited European DogShow in Austria and got CACA. He will be shown after mum will be ready to show.

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