EMEREI WOODOO MAN (b. 19.07.1999)

Ch RUS, National Poodle Club Ch, Grand Ch, multi BOB, BIG

Woodoo is the first Lialia's baby. He went out the first and showed us his tongue. Since then he is crazy about licking everybody and is giving his paw to people as a sign of trust. He can do the hare stand as we call it if you ask him to do it or he wants to ask you about anything. Woodoo has excellent pigmentation, which is never changed - depending neither on the season nor on his current health condition. But generally he feels as a wise teacher of youngsters and tries to teach even our Central Asian Ovcharka, which was trained and defended by Woodoo when Pamir was a pup. Woodoo showed quite successfully, gained the Russian Champion title, NPC champion title and on the show "Derzhava 2003" even won the 9th group.

Woodoo's gallery

Woodoo after colouring and fantasy cut in the grooming salon "38 parrots" (groomer E. Zaitseva, for the "Droug" dog fancy magazine)
Woodoo's glamorous life on the Moscow-river yahts (2006)








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